Best romantic places in Accra to go for a date

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Are you planning to take your partner out on a romantic date in Accra? You can do many things in the seaport city. However, some give a better impression than others. Accra is a capital bursting with culture, live music, sports, and scenery. That makes it challenging to choose a specific area to take your partner. The good news is many romantic places in Accra have lots of activities for couples.

Romantic places in Accra

A couple enjoying quality time by the beach. Photo: @marionelgrz
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From chocolate tasting to surfing and nature walks, you will find many active outdoor and indoor activities that will make your date worthwhile. Accra also has many guided tours and cultural events that you can participate in as a couple.

10 most romantic places in Accra to take your date

If you do not know where to go on a date in Accra, here is a list of ten romantic places you can visit with your loved one and enjoy yourselves.

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1. Aburi Botanical Gardens

Romantic places in Accra

The Aburi Botanical Gardens. Photo: @dylnbnt
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One of the most romantic things to do in Accra, Ghana is to visit the Aburi Botanical Gardens. The gardens comprise of beautiful lawns planted with imported and native plants and trees. It has plenty of flowers, creepers, and cocoa plants in different colours that make the whole place scenic. You can take pictures and walk through leisurely taking in the sight of the environment.

Once you take a bus to the historic town of Aburi, you will see mountains overlooking the capital city. You can spend time at some of the area’s restaurants, then head to the botanical gardens for a nature tour, relaxation with your partner, and a meal. The best time to visit the area is October to April and during lunchtime to enjoy the cool weather under the gigantic trees.

2. Accra Zoo

romantic places in Accra

The Accra Zoo. Photo: @accrazooback
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The Accra Zoo is the best place to visit to see animals that you usually would not find around you. It is located a few kilometres from the city, hidden inside the Achimota Forest. It has different types of animals, including monkeys, crocodile, tortoises, and camels.

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The whole area is interactive because you will have the chance to come close to the animals. If you are going there for a date, take pictures of your favourite moments with your partner. Buy a souvenir for your loved one as a token of the adventurous relationship.

3. Black Star Square

Romantic places in Accra

Black Star Square. Photo: Rjruiziii
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Black Star Square is an enormous public square that has significant importance to Ghanaian history. It is a site where the country gained its independence and a place that hosts many events, including military parades and other national events. The plaza is a good place to take a date, especially for couples that want to take photos in front of the monuments.

At the Square, you have the opportunity to climb to the top of the gate. You will see panoramic views of the entire structure, the city, and even the nearby Osu Castle. The gardens around the area are pleasant and are ideal for taking some pictures and having a break. If you are planning to visit the place, consider going on weekdays so that you can avoid the crowds that tend to arrive on weekends.

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4. Bojo Beach

Romantic places in Accra

Bojo beach, Accra. Photo: @raqsrazi
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Whether you are thinking of proposing to your girlfriend, renewing your vows, or have a quiet romantic time by the beach, Bojo Beach is where you should go. It is one of the best places to go on a date in Accra, where you will experience the sun setting behind you and waves lapping at your feet. You will get a pleasant experience in a clean and less crowded environment.

The one thing that makes the whole experience worthwhile is how you get to Bojo Beach. Its location is at the delta of the Densu River and the Atlantic Ocean next to a fishing village. If you want to access it, you will have to take a boat ride across the river. This beautiful beach many hotels, restaurants, and bars around the area for accommodation, food, and partying.

5. Coco Beach

Romantic places in Accra

Coco beach in Accra. Photo: @blackmamabeachresort
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Coco Beach is an excellent place to go on a date because of the loud and clear sounds of the wind, the birds chirping, and the crashing surf. It is an out-of-way atmosphere characterised by a sunny beachside and an unforgettable sunset. You and your loved one can walk hand in hand on the beach, the epitome of a romantic experience.

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If you are looking for a place to stay, you can book a room at the Ramada Resort Accra Coco Beach, one of the most romantic restaurants in Accra. It has comfortable rooms, a swimming pool. Besides, you can dine along the edge of the resort by the sea as you enjoy the quiet evening and the sounds of the waves. There are many other beach resorts available that offer a unique experience.

6. Kokrobite Beach

romantic places in Accra

Kokrobite Beach. Photo: @reicheru33
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Kokrobite Beach is a place that takes away the hustle and bustle of the city. It is an excellent environment to go on a date where you can spend a few hours relaxing while soaking in the views. You can do more with your partner at the beach, including swimming, watching colourful fishing boats along the shore, surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

You can take lots of photos around the rocks, walk on the sand, and go to the nearby shops to buy different items. The best way to experience Kokrobite Beach is in the morning to watch the sunrise. Mornings are fun for couples since there usually fewer people compared to the evening.

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7. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum

Romantic places in Accra

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum. Photo: @A.Paul
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The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park & Mausoleum is one of Accra’s biggest and most iconic landmarks. You cannot complete a romantic trip to the city without visiting the park. It has a beautiful design of an upside-down sword that symbolises peace, with a black star on top to signify pan-African unity.

You can do many activities with your partner around the area. For example, you can explore the museum and mausoleum to read more about the structure and the founding president of Ghana or take a walk in the well-manicured gardens.

8. Labadi Pleasure Beach

Romantic places in Accra

Labadi Pleasure Beach. Photo: Stig Nygaard
Source: UGC

The Labadi Beach or La Pleasure Beach is a scenic stretch of sand located in the Labadi area, a suburb of Accra. It is one of the nice places in Accra to have a date because of its expansive shoreline dotted with sparse coconut trees. As Accra’s most famous beach, it is the ideal destination for any couple that wants to relax without leaving the city.

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You will love the restaurants and umbrellas that have lined up along the beach, with drinking stands that serve different drinks and foods, including kebabs, grilled fish, and fried yams. The area also has many bars filled with musical performances and other themed events that welcome you for entertainment and fun. If you love horses, horseback riding is available at a fee.

9. Legon Botanical Gardens

Romantic places in Accra

Legon Botanical Gardens. Photo: @Jayninja
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If you are looking to go on an energetic tour with your partner, consider the Legon Botanical Gardens as your romantic destination. It is the best place to do different activities at once. You can go for a canopy walk or take a ropes course. Many people go there to relax and even participate in yoga.

You will also enjoy a canoe ride on the lake or sit on the well-maintained grounds for a picnic. The surroundings are quiet, which is excellent for couples that want to avoid the noises of the city.

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10. Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Romantic places in Accra

Shai Hills Resource Reserve. Photo: Nipah Dennis
Source: UGC

One thing that makes the Shai Hills Resource Reserve among the most romantic places in Accra is you get to experience nature with your loved one. The reserve has antelopes, baboons, zebras, lots of birds, and ostriches. You and your partner will experience a cool breeze that comes from the baobab trees and enjoy the peaceful natural haven outside the big city.

If you do not prefer walking, you can take your car and drive through the reserve. The hills have many hiking routes that give you amazing views of the savannah from the top. You and your partner will have lots of space for yourselves as you take in what nature has to provide. But if you want to see more outstanding areas, guides will show you the way.

The best romantic places in Accra to visit with your loved one are Coco Beach, Aburi Botanical Gardens, Shai Hills Resource Reserve, and Bojo Beach. While in the city, you can stay at the Ramada Resort Accra Coco Beach and enjoy the food and excellent service. Some of the activities you can do in the capital include surfing, nature walking, partying, and go on guided tours.

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The good thing about most of the fun places in Accra is that you don’t have to spend much. In fact, some of them are free of charge. Whether you are visiting alone, with friends or with relatives, you will definitely enjoy the food, views, and sight-seeing.

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